Back in 2012 Stan Lee did an interview with Moviefone talking about Michael Jackson’s interest in becoming Spider-Man. Check out a sample of the interview below:

Moviefone: The most interesting bit of almost-casting that I’ve ever heard came from a Producers Guild conference last summer: the “X-Men” producers revealed that Michael Jackson seriously lobbied for the part of Professor X.

Stan Lee: I wasn’t aware that Michael Jackson wanted to be Professor X. I knew Michael Jackson. And with the things he discussed with me, I felt he wanted to be Spider-Man. That was the character that interested him. He never discussed the X-Men with me.

MF: How do you think he would have fared as Spider-Man?

SL: I think he’d have been good. I think he’d have been very good. But I must say that Tobey Maguire was wonderful.

MF: I’m fascinated by the fact that Jackson worked with Stan Lee Media and attempted to buy Marvel, in the 90s.

SL: Yes, he wanted to. He felt that would be the only way that he could play Spider-Man. [Laughs]

MF: What do you think the company would have looked like now if that partnership came to fruition?

SL: I can’t imagine it would have been totally different of course, but maybe not as successful. Michael was not a great businessman.

Check out the full interview between Moviefone and Stan Lee here: